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UPDATE – AS OF MARCH 2020 WE DON’T ACCEPT NEW GUEST POSTS. ** CURRENTLY WE DON’T ACCEPT GUEST POSTS ** Do you have something interesting that you’d like to share? Submit your content idea to our blog. We accept high quality guest posts that meet the following criteria: Are authentic, have unique value, have your … Read more

16 ways to grow your Instagram following fast

In times when social networks have already become bread and butter for many, the popularity of such platforms as Instagram just keeps on growing. Based on statistics provided by Statista, with June 2018 Instagram has reached and since exceeded the 1 billion active monthly user mark. But while the fruits are getting sweeter, reaching for … Read more

5 reasons to choose Sellfy for your digital product delivery

Phew, it’s finally done! Your first pack of cool LUT photo presets. You even gave them hipster names like “Sasquatch brows”, “Junga” or “Barista dream”. After all that hard work, you’re ready to start selling your digital products. But now what? How do you get your digital goods from the safety of your laptop to … Read more

How to whitelist Sellfy emails?

We send out a lot of emails with valuable content. Sadly, sometimes they end up in SPAM or “promotions” folders and don’t get to you. To make sure you receive all the goodies we send out you can whitelist our email addresses. How to whitelist in Gmail? 1. Mark our emails as Important. Tap the … Read more

How To Get 1,026,826 Views – and 75,001+ Email Subscribers – From Your Next Product (Case Study)

Important message: Social discounts are no longer available on Sellfy. We recommend using pay-what-you-want pricing instead. Here’s why. Today I’m going to show you how one designer used Social Discounts Technique to attract 1,026,826 visitors to his store. That’s 8,557 unique visitors a day. Every day. For 4 months. Oh, and he accomplished it despite: … Read more

Seller’s story: Tinsel Tokyo Magazine

Let’s meet our awesome seller- Tinsel Tokyo Magazine. Digital magazine is based in Los Angeles, it connects talented photographers, stylists and models. They use Issuu as publishing platform for magazine preview and Sellfy to sell full issues. **Tell us more about Tinsel Tokyo Magazine.** I started Tinsel Tokyo at the end of 2010 and have received … Read more