Update: 3 important features

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Hello everyone! I think we didn’t properly introduce our blog – so here it is, new and shiny Sellfy blog! A place where we will share some news about Sellfy as well as different tips in marketing, sales and other topics important for you, our merchants.

This post is dedicated to some exciting new features we released just recently:

Improved purchase page.
Now you have ability to add product thumbnail to the purchase page as well as product description. We see that many merchants decide to simply tweet the product or share it in Facebook. The problem was that buyers didn’t have the chance to learn more about product itself, it was confusing. With these improvements product page will serve much better and potential buyers will be able to learn more about the product that is being sold. You can add additional information to your existing products by going to product edit page.

More currencies.
We now support four currencies: US dollars, Euros, British pounds and Japanese yen. Merchants selling products mostly in these regions/countries will be able to choose one of these currencies for each product individually. We will continue to add more currencies depending on the demand from our merchants. Important: you need to have PayPal balance in chosen currency to accept payments (you can have multiple balances in your PayPal account).

Improved social network promo campaigns.
Now you can enable/disable social network discounts for Facebook/Twitter individually. We have also improved Facebook sharing message and it now goes with little thumbnail as well (if you have added it, of course). We have made discounts a bit easier for you to setup and for buyers to use. We think it will give positive impulse of people using it and promote your product among their friends.

There was number of other minor improvements and changes trough the system, feel free to send us your comments and suggestions if you think there is something important we still are missing. We will work forward to bring you more exciting features in the future – talk to you soon!