13 rarely used vlogging ideas that viewers will love

By Hristina Satalova read
17 Feb, 2024
13 rarely used vlogging ideas that viewers will love

Have you ever been so burnt out when vlogging that you just can’t seem to come up with any new video ideas? You know you need to keep producing quality content on a regular basis, but you feel like it’s all been done before. It’s ok if you have. We’ve all been there, done that. The important thing is that you keep trying.

Always be on the lookout for new video ideas. A little brainstorming can go a long way when you have some ideas to get you started. This blog post discusses 13 great, rarely-used vlogging ideas that can help you post videos regularly on YouTube.

1. A Peek Behind the Curtain

What can make behind the scenes videos so unique is that fact that no one else does what you do. When creating your own, focus on something that your viewers want to know or do and that only you can show them, such as how you create a certain product of yours on a business vlog. If you have a book that you just can’t keep in stock, take things a step further by taking your readers who obviously want to know more on a journey through your writing or editing process, or even how you designed the cover or binding.

Lavendaire takes viewers on a behind the scenes journey of creating her 2018 Artist of Life workbook. The workbook helps set readers up for a successful year through goal setting and other helpful exercises. Not only does the video showcase her product and encourages viewers to buy it, but it also provide unique content and inspiration viewers won’t get anywhere else.

2. Launch a Product with a Bang

Creating a YouTube video anytime you launch a new product is always a good idea. Monetizing your YouTube channel is more than just adding ads to the video. When making money online, it is important to have a diverse range of income streams. This means using ads, sponsorships, affiliate links, and even selling your own products (which is the most profitable of them all). The more you use, the more chances you have of making money.

Selling your own products is a fantastic way to achieve another income stream and is much easier than you think! There are all sorts of digital products that you can create in no time such as ebooks, ecourses, workbooks, graphics, and Lightroom presets. To sell them on YouTube, all you need to do it upload your digital products to your online Sellfy store and link to it on and in your video.

Peter McKinnon uses his product launch vlog to teach viewers how to properly use LUTs. Specifically, his LUTs. While the information he provides in this vlog is applicable to using LUTs in general, he uses his own product in the video and talks about them specifically. Not only does this make his viewers aware of his new product, it also drums up interest in using it themselves because they see all that he can do with them. 

Or take Sorelle (video above) as an example. She makes launching her first product a super fun event and her audience absolutely loves it. Who said selling should be boring?

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3. Take a Tour

Do you have a really cool workspace? Have you created an amazing organizational system? Did you go on a jaw-dropping vacation? Taking viewers on a tour of an area special to you is a great way to help everyone get to know the face behind the channel. Make sure to point out features of yours that can’t be found anywhere else such as cool thrift store finds, a custom built storage cabinet, or a rare place to find lodging on vacation.

A tour blog is an especially good travel vlog idea. Inthefrow stayed in a palace when she went to India and included a tour of it in her vlog. Not many people can say they’ve stayed in an Indian palace, so her video is one of a kind and stands out to viewers.

4. What’s in Your Bag?

“What’s in my bag?” videos are very popular vlog challenges on YouTube, especially with beauty bloggers, but there is a way to spin this tag to work for any topic or theme. “What’s in my bag?” is exactly as it sounds: you empty the contents of your bag on camera. This isn’t just limited to purses and pocket books. You could use a grocery bag, travel bag, or even a briefcase. This video tag is a great way to add more personality to your channel and feature tidbits of information that are interesting and unique to you.

Erin May Henry uses the bag she takes to work on-the-go and shows the camera everything she needs for running her business and freshening up between meetings. She calls this a “What’s in my bag?” tag, girl boss edition.

5. Not Your Typical Survival Guide

A survival guide is not limited to literal survival tips. A survival guide vlog can be on any topic that users have trouble understanding. They are an excellent way to provide helpful information to your viewers and prove you know what you’re talking about. Make sure you choose a topic that you are well versed in and that is relevant to your channel And try to include information on YouTube that no one else has already said, such as personal recommendations.

TheCrazyGorilla has a video series that breakdown a wide variety of traditional Mexican foods and recipes in a scripted and comical, yet informative, way. He explains these dishes in a way that no one else could and becomes an instant favorite of those looking for information on Mexican foods.

6. What’s Your Favorite?

Lots of vloggers make favorites videos on a regular basis because they are so fun and easy to do. It’s a great first vlog idea because it is a great way for viewers to get to know you. To create a favorites video, all you need to do it gather a bunch of your favorite things and talk about them! It could be foods, movies, songs, beauty products, or household items.

LustreLux has an Amazon Favorites video that shows off everything that she has ordered and loved. She has featured all kinds of different products and does not limit it to one category of product. For those who are an Amazon Associate or any other kind of affiliate, these kind of videos are also a greator  way to encourage affiliate sales.

7. Collaborate and Learn

Collaborating with other vloggers is great for a number of reasons. Not only can you learn from each other and come up with great new ideas, but you can also introduce your channel to their entire audience. Collaborations take place in many forms. You interview each other, host each other’s videos, even just team up to created a joint tutorial. When creating a collaboration vlog, make sure you work with another YouTuber whose audience would truly be interested in the content you share on a regular basis.

The Sorry Girls are a duo known for their inventive and affordable DIYs. In the past, they have worked with other DIY YouTubers to create bigger and better tutorials. One tutorial that they did with the YouTuber With Wendy, who is known for sewing her own clothes, focuses on sewing projects for around the home.

8. Show Off Your Shopping Haul

Shopping hauls are very popular among fashion, beauty, and technology vloggers, but it can work for any topic. All you need is a product that you have recently bought that you are super excited to show off. It could be a phone, a lipstick, a journal, a plant, or even an online course. The most important thing about a shopping haul is to only show off things you are excited about. The more items you have to show off in a shopping haul, the better, but it’s not necessary to show a lot. These videos are also great for encouraging affiliate sales.

She’s in Her Apron takes a shopping haul to a whole new level as she takes viewers on her couponing shopping trip where she is able to reduce her total for a table full of groceries to under $100. Her video is helpful because it shows viewers the exact process she uses to reduce her grocery bill.

9. Do’s and Don’ts of Vlogging


Do’s and Don’ts videos are great for explaining how to use a product or do certain things. It’s a different approach than doing a tutorial because, instead of explaining it outright, you are more or less giving tips and providing them with a reference to know if they are doing something wrong. The best way to go about this is showing a “do” to counteract every “don’t” you give. You can create a do or don’t video for any topic. For travel, you could create the “do’s and don’ts of packing a carry on.” For beauty, you could create the “do’s and don’ts of getting the perfect winged eyeliner.” For technology, you could create the “do’s and don’ts of taking care of your iPhone.”

DRNGO has a video that shows the do’s and don’ts of drawing. The video shows several different drawing techniques side by side and shows viewers how to correctly draw certain items and fix their mistakes. Viewers can easily compare their work to the correct version in the video, as well as the incorrect version.

10. Show Somebody Something

Tutorials are the tried and true vlog. While nearly every channel on YouTube has a tutorial video, that doesn’t mean creating one isn’t worth your time. If you have a product or service that people want to learn about and/or use, you could benefit from create a tutorial because providing helpful information will position yourself as knowledgeable in your industry and draw in more of your target audience. When you tie a tutorial to your own product, you make the tutorial as unique as you and your channel!

Alec Markarian created a Photoshop basics tutorial to teach beginners how to use the advanced software that can sometimes be overwhelming. He also offers different graphic packages on his website that people can use when designing things with the software he is teaching. Instead of just showing people how to use this software, he taught them how to use it with his graphics in mind.

11. Demonstrate Something New

Demonstrations are a lot like tutorials except they don’t always teach you something to do yourself. Demonstrations are a great way to get people excited to use a product. Since demonstrations don’t give everything away, the viewer will be left wanting more and they will be interested in buying your product. These types of vlogs can easily fit in with any channel’s theme.

Chris Ramsay sells his card tricks and uses YouTube to show people what the card trick looks like. Some things just can’t be understood by writing about it. Viewing the card trick in action automatically intrigues viewers and helps them know that that is the card trick they want to learn.

12. What Have You Done?


An event recap is a great vlog to do if you find yourself going a lot of places or attending a lot of events. They give your viewers a small behind the scenes peek into your life while making them interested in the things that you do. They are also great if events are a large part of your business. Take an event planner, for instance. They plan these huge events and want to show them off. Instead of just taking pictures, they can get video footage of all the best parts instead of just ordinary pictures. It gives viewers something new to look at and the best part is, it showcases the event without giving away all the juicy details. Event recaps are great for travellers as well. You take all this time to plan and schedule a nice trip, so show off what you do! Take footage from everywhere you go and edit it together for a nice trip recap.

Aweber Email Marketing created an event recap for the 2014 ASCEND Digital Marketing Summit. The video shows the highlights of all speakers and events from the entire multi-day event so viewers can get a quick, condensed version. In doing so, the event recap teaches them about the event and peaks their interest in future summits.

13. Create a Compilation

Compilation videos are great if you have been vlogging a while. If you have, chances are you have a lot of videos to pull from and several of those videos will be on the same topic. You can use compilation videos to show how far you’ve come as a vlogger or to package a lot of similar information together that was previously in different videos. For travellers, a great compilation video would be “my top 10 international vacations.” For business vloggers, “my top 5 business tips” would make a good compilation video. For fashion vloggers, you could create a “top 8 fall outfits” vlog. And, let’s be honest, no footage is shot perfectly the first time around. So, why not package your previously wasted and unused footage into a blooper reel? Not only do you get to repurpose content, but you get another video out of it, as well!

Beauty Tricks has a video of the best 2018 makeup transformations. There are a wide variety of looks throughout this video that will keep the viewer watching until the very end. When creating your own compilation, try to stick to the best moments that you know people will want to see again if they’ve already watched the first video.

Great Vlogs Mean Great Money

Monetizing your YouTube is important! By doing so, you are able to increase your income and earn money by creating content that you love. Selling on YouTube is easier than you think. You can create a wide variety of digital products including ebooks, Lightroom presets, stock photography, and graphics, which can easily be sold through linking to your online store on a website such as Sellfy.

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Hristina is Customer Success Manager at Sellfy. She is enthusiastic about bringing people together and helping others succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.