Recommend Sellfy and Sell with 0% Commission

Good news, everyone!

Starting this week we’ll give every single one of our sellers a unique opportunity to sell with 0% commission. That’s right, we’ll waive our fee completely. That’s how much we love you.

Does that sound like something you’d want for your Sellfy store?

If so, here’s what I need you to do:

Step #1: Log in to your Sellfy account and click on the heart icon in menu
Step #2: Copy the referral link you’ll find on the invite page
Step #3: Share it via social networks, email, carrier pigeon, whatever works!

For every new seller that joins Sellfy we’ll give you two weeks of selling without the usual 5% Sellfy fee. Keep in mind that your two weeks will start as soon as the invited seller makes his first sale.

And to make it easier for you to pitch Sellfy to your friends, we’ll also waive our fee for 2 weeks for their account. Starting the same very moment they join in!

You can get as much as 3 months of commission free selling on Sellfy.. IF you have at least six friends that are willing to join. Think you can convince six people to start selling with Sellfy?

Prove it.

What to do next?

Sign in to your Sellfy account and click that heart icon in menu. You’ll learn more info about our invite system, your current status and progress there.

Good luck and thanks for sharing!

Hristina is Customer Success Manager at Sellfy. She is enthusiastic about bringing people together and helping others succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.